Has your website traffic increased because you are creating engaging content? You might be thinking now that how to put ads on your website and earn revenue. Don’t worry it’s not that complicated. In this blog, we will show you how to get started with AdSense and earn money.

1. Understanding ad basics

First, you need to understand some basics before putting ads on your website. One who owns a website that generates traffic is known as a publisher. The other is advertisers who advertise their products or service on publisher’s websites. Publishers generate ad revenue from these ads.

However, you must be wondering how these publishers and advertisers connect with each other. Well ad networks do this for both publishers and advertisers. Ad networks allow advertisers to bid on publisher’s inventory and publishers monetize their traffic with ads.

2. Selecting an ad network to monetize your traffic

Now it’s time to select an ad network to place ads on your site. Well, there are several ad networks but if you are a new publisher, you should select Google AdSense, one of the best and most popular ad networks.

3. You must meet the ad network requirements to sign up

Each ad network has its own rules and guidelines which publishers need to keep in mind. But we recommend you start with AdSense. As the requirements of getting started with AdSense are quite simple. You just need to be 18 years old, have a Gmail account, and not have any other AdSense account connected with your name.

4. Place the ads on your website

After AdSense approval which can take 24-48 hours or sometimes up to 1 week, you can place ads on your website.

You can create ad codes by going Ads > Ads Units and selecting the ad type you want in your AdSense dashboard. Then you can place these ad codes on your site.

You can find out more on how to place ads on your website here: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/9274025?hl=en

5. Start earning

AdSense pays publishers each month. Make sure you set up payment details correctly. Now after all this process you can receive your first payment.

Find out more about the  AdSense payment threshold here.

6. Ads optimization for more revenue

If all went well and you successfully put ads and received your first AdSense payment. However, you still have to learn more about digital advertising. Which ad sizes and formats you should use? What is invalid traffic and how to protect your site from it? How can you make more money with your ad inventory?

But don’t worry Mahimeta is here for you. We help publishers in optimizing their ad inventories and preventing their websites from invalid traffic. Sign up now!