Several publishers noticed some unusual bot traffic in their Google Analytics account between 31 Jan 2021 – 3 Feb 2021 to a page Actually you will be directed to a website that sells traffic when you search because that page does not exist. It is a smart way of free advertising and rapid attraction.

If the traffic was sent with bad intention, publishers could have faced some serious damage in the form of revenue deduction or account ban by google. Despite publishers knowing about the bot traffic, they are not being able to filter out their website traffic.

In this blog, we will help publishers to filter out the bot traffic from their website traffic.

Can Publishers Filter Out Bot Traffic in Google Analytics?

Many publishers believe that they can filter out bot traffic by just using google analytics. But this is not true, filtering out traffic means to remove it from your google analytics account view. It does not really mean that the bot traffic is filtered out and you are safe from the damage of fraudulent traffic.

Fraudulent traffic is a major issue in the advertising industry and advertisers hate paying for the ads that are not seen by real users.

How to Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Traffic?

Publishers can protect themselves from fraudulent traffic through Mahimeta Analytics. Mahimeta Analytics system can detect invalid traffic and prevent it from seeing your ads in real-time. This will minimize the risk of revenue deductions and getting ban from google for publishers.

Prevent yourself from fraudulent traffic and risk of account ban now by signing up with Mahimeta.