Many publishers face AdSense account ban if they are doing any invalid activity or even if they are not doing any invalid activity. Publishers often want to know about the reason behind the ban. Many publishers fail to comply with Google AdSense policies. In this blog, we will discuss about different invalid activities that will cause publishers AdSense account ban and how Mahimeta publishers are safe from this threat.

Common Violations that Result in AdSense Account Ban

  • Buying bot traffic
  • Fraudulent clicks
  • Using Incentivized traffic source
  • Accidental clicks
  • Deceptive ad placements
  • Thin content

How Mahimeta Protect Publishers from AdSense Account Ban?

Publishers cannot keep an eye or control all of these violations alone. They must need to work with a third party, for instance, Mahimeta. Mahimeta provides publishers real time filtering before an ad being served. This process can save publishers from getting ban directly by Google. Mahimeta’s most advanced publisher solution detect pre-violation to protect our publishers from getting ban directly. Publishers can monitor their analytics through Statistics > Analytics.

Publishers can keep an eye on their violations that are filter out by our pre-violation system through their analytics.

If you want to know more about our pre-violation system then get in touch with us, we will prevent you from getting ban.

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