Many publishers buy website traffic to boost their numbers. Organic traffic can be difficult for publishers for boosting their numbers. Paid traffic has high risk particularly for websites that monetize through display ads because search engines are advanced and can detect whether the traffic is organic or fake. Buying bad traffic can cause you in bad standing with advertisers or even banned by google.

This blog will help you identify what traffic is safe, which is bad and how to boost your website traffic safely.

Benefits of buying website traffic:

The main purpose of buying traffic is to reach new users who are not aware of your content. This can results in a larger audience which means more returning users. Paid traffic can provide quicker results than long-term strategies for obtaining more organic traffic.

Paid traffic is generally more manageable and predictable. This allows publishers to target their specific audience which results in a higher engaging rate.

Risks of buying website traffic:

The major risk of buying traffic for the publisher is that traffic not meeting the policy requirements of the ads running on their site. This can cause to deductions or even account block if the issue is serious.

Invalid traffic is one of the major problems in ad monetization that can result in a permanent ban by Google. If you are buying website traffic you need to know where that traffic comes from and should be policy safe. Amongst the most serious problems are:

  • Non-human traffic: Online traffic that is generated by “Bots”. These bots are script designed to copy the behaviour of humans browsing.
  • Deceptive traffic: Real users visiting the publisher site unintentionally such as tactics like pop-unders.
  • Incentivized traffic: Real users visiting the publisher site intentionally but have been encouraged to do so such as “paid to surf” type programs.

Some companies use the above tactics to sell traffic so the publisher should responsibly buy the traffic. Publishers should keep an eye on where the traffic comes from and monitor the traffic that they received.

Publisher should buy traffic or not?

It depends on the quality of traffic and the resources publisher has to monitor traffic. But there is nothing wrong with buying high-quality traffic.

At Mahimeta our publisher solutions detect pre-violation to protect our publishers from getting ban through advanced proprietary optimization technologies, analysis management tools and services. This helps the publisher to not get ban by Google while buying invalid traffic unintentionally.