Publishers cannot be able to take advantage of different ad formats and sizes because their ad networks do not support most of the ad formats and sizes. By using those sizes and formats publishers can optimize their website layout and experience through their existing inventory and maximize their CPM and revenue.

Mahimeta offers most effective ad sizes and formats which will maximize your existing inventory revenue. Below are the ad formats and sizes which we offer that will boost your revenue.

Ad Formats

Responsive Ads

If publishers want to display ads on desktop, tablet and mobile, they don’t need to design three different ad units. Instead, they can simply create ads using our responsive ad feature and the ad units will resize accordingly for each device.

Responsive Sticky Ads

It is an ad that stays visible on the page while the user scrolls down the webpage. Responsive sticky ad units will resize accordingly for each device. These ads can increase your CTR and active views.

Auto In-Article Ads

Auto In-Article is optimized ad format that allows you to put ads between articles which expand when the viewer is reading the article.

Auto In-Image Ads

It is an ad that sticks to the images on a web page. Publishers don’t need any extra inventory for auto in-image ads.

Rating Ads

It is an ad which will be displayed when a user gives a rating or review. Also, the rating data will be shown on your dashboard.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are interactive ads that cover the user’s entire screen. These ads have high CPM and CTR than banner ads because they are less likely to be avoided by a user as these ads cover the entire screen.

Video Ads (VAST)

VAST tag is a Video Ad Serving Template for structuring ad tags that serve ads to video players. Publishers can use video ads to maximize their CPM and revenue.

Video Player Wrapper Ad

This is an ad unit which wraps over the video player and provides you with the opportunity to earn from videos which you don’t own.

Outstream Video Ads

Outstream video ads are ads that don’t need any video player to run on your inventory. Outstream ads have higher CPM rates and result in increased revenue.

Ad Sizes

Below are the most effective ad sizes that we offer:











These are the most unique and effective ad formats and sizes which will boost your revenue. Sign up now to get all these benefits and to get better CPM and revenue than any other ad networks.