In this blog, we will discernment of the advanced features available in GAM 360 to provide you with the platform’s amazing capabilities. In this blog, we will be focusing on audience segments.

What is audience segments?

The audience segment is a marketing strategy that is based on identifying the subgroups within the bounds of the target audience in order to deliver more messaging for stronger connections. One of the important features of GAM360 is being able to create first and third-party audience segments. You can see this feature under the inventory tab.

First-party audience segments

Audience Solutions assists you to create first-party segments without the need to add extra pixels or tags to your sites or apps. You can define audience segments as which are based on how users interconnect with your site and what type of content they see. With first-party segmentation, you can now even monetize your site or app more efficiently by targeting campaigns to the higher value user. It also assists you to monetize any unsold ad inventory sections of your site more profitably. Advertisers can also follow the users which are across your network sites and apps.

To apply for membership in the first-party segment you will need to:

  1. You must view a page or an app that has an ad tag with the same selected specified as the segment
  2. You should be a member of the selected segment.
  3. You should meet any goals which are entered for page views

Third-party audience segment

Third-party audience segment is the information that you buy from external sources and are not from original collectors. The third-party audience segment provides audience data at a very specific price. It is common to the functionality of first-party segments which are mentioned before. This assist publishers to come to a wider audience and specified catering on their network site and apps. Publishers can be offered improved and more target premium ads leading to higher ad revenue. Here you can see a picture that shows a quick overall summary of third-party audience segments.

And to find more about third-party audience segments using this Google help article:


First and third-party audience segments is one of the new advanced features that Google Ad Manager 360 has provided to the publishers. Be ready to take the next move in your publishing’s business and use the full power of Google ad manager 360 by reaching out to us!