It is a program that has the priority to assist web publishers by providing them with identified trusted expert companies who are specialists in AdSense.

Certified Publishing Partners vs. AdSense Certified Partners

Many Certified AdSense Partners applied for re-certification as Certified Publishing Partners. It is good news for publishers who want to grow as the new program is more selective and it covers AdSense, DFP, and Ad Exchange instead of AdSense alone. Certification has also given importance to the businesses criticizing customer service and added value to the publishers that they work with.

To whom should I work? (AdSense partner or CPP)

The AdSense partner program is no longer working. Any companies advertising google AdSense certified partners have still not updated their certificates since 2015. Companies have listed as Google Certified Publishing Partners will have been reissued every 12 months to make sure that their knowledge and practices match the current policy and product changes.

How can Mahimeta help AdSense publishers?

Mahimeta work with AdSense publishers who have less advertising knowledge, or they want to reduce their work. Mahimeta help AdSense publishers in managing their ads, ads optimization and revenue boost. We have certified experts here who will manage your ads optimization and help you to boost your revenue. Sign up now at Mahimeta.