Most of the publisher use AdSense when it comes to monetizing their websites. It’s one of the easiest ways of making money for publishers off their traffic. But your site must meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

What if your ads are not loading?

If there is blank white space instead of an ad, this can cause some publishers to panic, we will explain to you why this is happening and what you should do when your ads are not loading.

It can be simple as typing mistakes in the ad code you’ve placed or because of low demand for the traffic in your location. The publishers who have already been using AdSense ads might have been hit by a domain ban.

Below we have listed some of the most common reasons for not loading ads:

Missing Ads.txt

You must upload ads.txt before you can start serving AdSense ads. Ads.txt information you paste should be accurate without any typos. You can find the Ads.txt file in your AdSense account.

Domain is not approved

Either you haven’t submitted your domain for approval or your domain was not approved to serve AdSense ads.

Lower demand for your geo

Demand for some geos is lower as compared to other geos. This means publishers might face blank ads. For example, tier 3 countries India, Brazil and Philippines face more blank ads as compared to Tier 1 countries like US, UK or Canada.

Site or pages are banned from serving ads

If your site or some of your pages have violated content, they can be banned from serving ads. This can usually be fixed when the violation is resolved. If all pages are not serving any ads, your account might be banned completely.


Above we mention some reasons why AdSense ads are not loading. Publishers should try different networks and see what works best for their site.

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