Publishers are looking for potential opportunities to help their website grow just like any other business. Publishers need to analyze their website performance, ad revenue, understand the niche, cost and profit, implementation processes, and negotiating with other profitable partners.

Every publisher must keep track of certain metrics to keep an eye on their website growth. Fill rate, Page RPM, Session RPM, page speed, time on page, bounce rate are some of those metrics. You can see this data in Google Ad Manager and Google Analytics reports. You must also consider the following optimization to add value to your website. Header bidding, ad layout, testing new ad formats and sizes, ad refresh, and auto ads.

One of the best ways for maximizing your revenue is to work with an ad network that matches your website. Ad networks act as a mediator between publishers and advertisers. They help publishers in selling remnant inventory and monetize those ad units that were not sold via direct deals. They can also help you in filtering geographical location, device, operating system, browser.

Let’s look closely at some points to determine whether your ad network is performing well or if you should consider switching.

Ad network size:

The more traffic the ad network generates, the greater return you can get from the ad campaign investment and the higher the fill rate.

Inventory quality:

Make sure the quality of the inventory is good. Intrusive ad formats can affect your bounce rate and revenue.


Make sure you get the most competitive CPM rates for your ad inventory.

Fill rate:

A low fill rate means losing potential ad revenue. Consider an ad network that ensures you a better fill rate.

Ad formats:

Consider an ad network that offers more ad formats. Testing different ad formats will help you in maximizing your ad revenue.

Efficient reporting:

Access to a dashboard where you can monitor your ad performance.

Publishers must keep in mind the above-mentioned points and evaluate results and if needed they can act accordingly for better results.


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