Publishers who run ad-funded websites soon understand that the CPMs are far from static. These types of sudden changes in CPMs can be a problem for publishers and directly impact publisher’s revenue. While publishers can not completely avoid the CPMs drop every quarter but they can definitely mitigate the impact of this problem if the publishers are prepared. In this blog, we will discuss about CPM seasonality and what publishers can do about CPM seasonality?

What is CPM Seasonality?

Seasonality means events that occur regularly. As the events occur regularly, it is easy to predict their arrival. For instance, in a calendar year, you can easily tell which months have the high temperature and which months have the low temperature. So the rise and fall of temperature is seasonal and predictable. Something similar happens with publisher’s CPM too. All the publishers face rise and fall off their CPM during a specific periods within a year. This is called CPM seasonality.

Quarterly Pattern

Companies generally spend quarterly on their marketing budgets. At the start of a quarter, companies are careful about their spending. But in the end of the quarter, the companies try to exhaust their budget to ensure no chance is being missed. Due to this CPM remain low at the start of the quarter and keep increasing as the quarter comes to its end.

What Publishers can do about CPM Seasonality?

CPM seasonality is inevitable for publishers and they cannot completely avoid them. But publishers should monitor their stats over the past few years and see if there is a regular drop at the start of each quarter. It is also important to monitor the recovery as it should be rising up at the end of the each quarter. If the drop lasts, that means there may be other causes affecting CPM.