Some publishers are lucky as they never face invalid traffic or ad fraud. But for some other publishers, invalid traffic is a nightmare they may never forget. Invalid traffic affects publishers reputation in the digital industry. This can also lead to ad revenue clawbacks or even losing their AdSense or AdX account completely.

Many publishers have become a victim of invalid traffic. Whether it’s your competitor sending bot traffic or any other ad fraud scheme. Who knows. In the end, the consequences often cause severe damage or cost you a lot of money.

But what about those publishers who never faced invalid traffic? Why should they care, or if they did, what should they do if they face such circumstances?

It depends on your site health score that how much ad revenue you earn and what quality advertisers you attract.

Let’s suppose you are running AdSense and AdX and attract premium advertisers. Premium advertisers only run ads on sites with good Google health scores. Good health score means that the audience on a publisher’s site is authentic and of good quality.

But what if a competitor starts sending invalid traffic to your site and your health score decrease? This means you will lose premium advertisers and your ad revenue.

It takes some bot traffic to ruin your health score. Ad fraud is a huge problem in the digital industry. You might be affected without even knowing this problem.

You must take actions before it’s too late. All you need is Mahimeta Analytics system. This will help you to filter out your traffic in real-time and only serves ads to those pages that are safe from violations. This tool will help you in maintaining a good health score which attracts premium advertisers. Sign up now to get this benefit and to protect your site before it’s too late.