Once you acknowledge the process of putting ads on your website and getting paid by Google, you will realize many open doors for you. If you will be able to maintain & grow your website traffic levels then it would mean an additional income source and it can even make a full-time income source for you.

We usually endorse that publisher’s start monetizing their traffic with Google AdSense what is the next step to take once you’ve started making money with AdSense.

What is defined by ad optimization?

Ad optimization refers to the process of creating Ads that are relevant to other users who view your Ads and then perfecting these ads to generate more ad revenue for you.

There are two general methods of increasing your ad revenue. Either you generate more traffic so that the total of visitors that view and click on your ads increases. Or you optimize the AdSense RPM with the traffic your site is already making.

Both are appropriate methods of making more money. However, optimizing your ads is the most beneficial way in. the short term, which will lead to enormous long-term benefits. If your ads are optimized and your traffic increases, you will automatically earn greater than when your traffic increases but ads are not optimized.

Methods to optimize your AdSense ads or ads

The reality is that there are numerous ways to optimize your ads. We will show you how to become an expert in AdSense ad monetization in our blog. These are some methods that you try out.

Before you decide to optimize your ads. You should know to test out different ad layouts, ad sizes, ad format, and the number of ads on a page. The list goes on:

Testing auto ads:

With the use of AdSense Auto Ads, Google Uses machines to learn to insert your ads into various sections of your site and then optimize according. You can also test different and various types through Auto Ads. You can find out more about doing it here.

Test sticky ads:

These sticky Ads are also known as Anchor Ads. These Ads will stay in a secured position while the user can scroll up and down the page. The great thing about this Ad type is that it’s always in view and increases the chances of users clicking on Ads. You can take a closer look at sticky ads here and know how to implement them.


Finally, you are prepared to engage in the world of AdSense and ad monetization! If you need help optimizing your AdSense ads and maximizing ad revenue? Our ad optimization teams are standing by ready to help to take your business to the next level. Sign up now to optimize your AdSense Ads and maximize Ad revenue.