Recently, we’ve been writing on some interesting topics regarding invalid traffic to keep publishers safe from invalid traffic. Some of the blog posts are some examples of AdSense invalid traffic, should publishers use free tools for monitoring invalid traffic, how publishers can minimize the AdSense invalid traffic deductions and more! If you haven’t check out those, be sure to check out those blog posts.

In this blog, we will discuss how much invalid traffic is okay for AdSense publishers. What you need to keep in mind is that Google has spam scores for publishers. This score shows the percentage of invalid clicks or spam clicks on ads.

If your spam score is not good you may lose your AdSense account. Google remains very secretive about the spam score and it is not visible in the publisher’s dashboard.

But the actual question is how much invalid traffic is okay? It’s hard to say, but less invalid traffic is better. Some publishers don’t lose their AdSense account even though they receive invalid traffic. However, this affects their spam score and they face ad revenue clawbacks and eventually lose their AdSense account.

The truth is, some invalid traffic seems okay. AdSense will filter out those invalid traffic and you might face ad revenue deductions at the end of the month. But instead of asking how much invalid traffic is okay, you should ask how can you protect your website from invalid traffic? What if you do nothing to stop invalid traffic? Google might ban your AdSense account.

You should take this invalid traffic issue seriously and take a defensive approach. You need a tool that prevents you from invalid traffic. Mahimeta Analytics is what you need. Mahimeta Analytics prevent you from invalid traffic by filtering your traffic in real-time and prevent invalid traffic from seeing and clicking your ads. Sign up now!